Friday, April 4, 2008

You're on a collision course!

I've heard it so many times it is almost cliche

Luck=preparation + opportunity

Basically, it means that we create our own luck.

I was thinking of that today as I was working on a few projects I have in the works. I remembered back when I was in network marketing. My direct upline was the #5 income earner in the company at that time, earning $500,000+/year.

At the same time my husband was earning about $30,000/yr as a paramedic. One week she received her regular check and bonus check. Both were over $20,000 EACH. She earned in a week what Chris earned in a year.

I wanted to be successful like that. I wanted to build a strong business that would allow me the freedom to bless people, as well as help others be successful in their own ventures. Everyone told me never to hope for it, she was lucky. She was in the right place at the right time.

However, I knew her fairly well. I knew that luck was only a small portion of her success. She had spent years reading books on business, trying-and failing-in various ventures. She had earned her stripes.

When she saw an opportunity that she believed in, she jumped in with both feet. She worked hard for two years and built a solid business. Then she was able to go with that momentum and earn $500k working part time.

But she never stopped building.

That was the key to her success. She told me that every month she read at least one book to build her business. She also showed me that the success of her business came in working her strengths and meeting the needs of others. She was AMAZING at booking shows. So she booked a calendar full of shows and "dovetailed" [that means gave away] all the shows she didn't want to do. She would find people who were working hard at their business in her downline and give them 2 or three shows from her calendar. Sometimes, she'd invite consultants to watch her do a show, have them help her books shows, and then give them all the bookings from that show. She was mentoring those people. Her success was tied to her ability to help others see the potential in themselves.

She worked in her strengths and built her business consistently.

So in your writing business, consider your strengths. How can you use those things to build? Are you exceptional at creating believable characters? Use that to improve your writing and then teach another writer how to do it.

Are you like me? Do you have a passion to help other writers build their business? Teach them. I realize that I am "Training my competition" but I do it because I love helping people and because "Iron sharpens iron". I never want to get complacent in my writing, because I'll get sloppy. I teach you what I know works, then I continue to educate myself.

In physics I learned that velocity can be combined if things are going the same direction, but slowed if moving in different directions. Imagine a ball is rolling across a smooth floor. If you hit it from behind you'll send it faster across that floor. If you hit it from the opposite direction you can stop it or send it backwards. If it is sitting still on the floor you may cause it to move, but not with the same force as you would if it were already moving.

There is an opportunity on a collision course with us. The amount of forward progress each of us makes depends solely on how fast we are already moving when the opportunity catches us.

I need to go now. I have preparation to do.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter.

ps. I heard from the majority of you who voted, both of you-laugh, and will be uploading links to the digital download formats of all of my products in the next few days.


Cheezmaestro said...

Cool. Very enlightening. Both business and writing are two things I love(theoretically... I've never owned a business but it is my dream to do so...). I'm not so good at writing but I try. I think that maybe if I really applied myself I'd get better but I'm out of school and out of practice... yeah I need to get into contact with some other writers so I can leech off of their experience... =P Aptly put...

Anonymous said...

"So in your writing business, consider your strengths. How can you use those things to build? Are you exceptional at creating believable characters? Use that to improve your writing and then teach another writer how to do it."

Cool! Thanks for this encouraging post. I really need to think about those questions. I'm the kind of person that can easily come up with my weaknesses, but strengths? hmmm.

Love the new colors of your blog, BTW. I also wanted to let you know I tried to check out as listed on the right side bar, but it came up as 'site unavailable'. Your main site looks great though. :)

~BC writer