Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pulling it all together

Wow, we've had quite a deep week since Friday!

First, we talked about using our personality to be more productive. Then I stripped away all the excuses we've used to NOT accomplish our dreams and goals. Next, we talked about getting past those really tough days.

Now we're going to pull this together a little and talk about marketing your writing.

Some of you may have noticed over these last few weeks that I've posted a few polls asking for input from my readers. Here is something I've noticed:

Most people don't care.

Over the course of the polling period on each of these polls hundreds of people came to the site, and I got a total of 3 responses from each poll.

I admit this is a sweeping generalization but it seems to me, most people don't have an opinion on HOW you market a product. They want to know WHAT is in the product and HOW they'll benefit from having used/read the product.

What does that mean to us as writers?

I believe it means that we should not try to write TO the market. What I mean is don't write a book about a Crime Scene Investigator simply because CSI is a popular show.

It IS wise to know what genres are doing well. If you write Historical Romance then KNOW what publishing houses are taking. You don't want to write a Civil War Historical Romance if the market is completely saturated with them [unless you are simply practicing your craft].

The best thing to do is write a COMPELLING story within YOUR chosen genre [despite their popularity I am wholly unable to write a genre Romance novel. I keep trying to kill people and up the danger. That is because I write SUSPENSE/Thrillers, not Romance.]

We are writers, not politicians. Don't use polling to determine what you write. Let story reign. But be aware of fluctuations in the market so you know which of the many projects perking in your brain are most marketable now.

I'll see you later, I have clients to coach.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter.


Paulette Harris said...

Ahhhh, I believe the word is perseverance. I always choose a word to live by at the beginning of the New Year. It's easier than a New Year's Resolution which I break immediately!
This year I choose Legacy. As a writer, I love choosing words that fit the circumstances.I want to leave a legacy for my family.Sounds like you had a domino effect! This too shall pass. We writers must persevere, can't help it, we must write and help others, it is in our blood!

Blessings and prayers coming your way today!

Paulette Harris

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter said...


I love this photo of you!

Yep, going to persevere!!