Thursday, April 3, 2008

Something you all need to read

Hello and happy Thursday,

I hope you've had a productive week of writing and marketing. I had a really great day. I spent 9 hours today at the library working so hard I actually was fully incapable of forming a sentence when my mom called tonight at 8pm [about 3 minutes after walking in the door.]

I read a blog that I want all of you to read and I really hope you'll come back over here to the comment section and tell me what surprised you about it.

I was truly surprised by the sales numbers of the top books. Okay, I realize some sell big, but to realize how few sell millions, or even thousands for that matter, was really shocking.

So please go to Chip's blog and read the April 2 posting and then leave notes in my comment section for today's blog.

I gotta go, my brains are oozing out of my ears. WAAAYYY too much thinking today!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Tiffany!

I was amazed at the numbers, too. I also felt happy for the writers whose books sold so many copies-- good for them!

It was nice to see a couple of titles that I've read (and enjoyed). I admit I'm curious about the ones I haven't read. I find myself wondering if every book is really good, or if some of them are just "hype". I guess there's only one way to find out- check the books out at the library!

I wish there was a way to know how they became big sellers. I wonder what's recipe for success? Word-of-mouth + quality of the writing + marketing + well-loved author, etc. Who knows? But it's fun to see the numbers & speculate, anyway!

~BC writer