Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Keep pushing!!!

Oh the day I've had!!

Do you ever say that? I have about 20 times today.

My husband had the day off and I had a clear calendar to do nothing but finish a big editing project for a client. I overslept but did not allow it to deter me. I still had plenty of time to get lots of work done. I was leaving the house, hubby was doing school with the kids while I was gone and I was going to stay at the library until they closed at 9pm. Ten hours of straight work [see my post on Friday to see why I was going to do that.]

So, I left the house at 10:40 am. I needed to make 2 stops on the way. One to get photos printed to send with the final Post Placement Report for my daughter [adpoted], and then off to the post office to send the PPRs Express Mail.

Then it took 30 minutes to print the pictures and get out of Kroger. And 30 minutes to tape the 20 photos to paper, get to the machine, and mail the package. Okay, to it was a bit longer than that because at 12:31 I arrived at the library to work. It was 3 hours later than I'd wanted but I'd still have a solid day of work.

I nestled in to a ultra-quiet corner of the library that was so little visited that they were storing the old card catalog furniture back there. I fired up the laptop, set out my work.

Then the computer froze.

Long story short after many tears and an hour of alternating between pleading with God and wanting to throw a temper tantrum, I loaded up my stuff, and drove the 15 minutes to my house. I had accomplished nothing other than burning about 2 gallons of gas [which here meant $6.30]. My husband fixed the problem in 5 minutes but it took me another hour to settle down. I was SOOOO mad. [Yep, I'm human too.]

But, now it is 5:17 and I'm finishing my blog and plugging away at this project. So I got 5 pages done instead of the 50 I'd planned on being done with by this point in the day.

I know after I have finished this and returned it to my client, I'll look back on today as one of those funny stories I tell groups of writers at my talks. But today I'm just tired.

But my reason to succeed is clear. So I push through the frustration, forget what is behind me and push forward to the goal. I'm not where I wanted to be but I'm farther than where I was.

So, if you're having one of THOSE days join me dusting off, pasting on a smile, and saying "This little irritation isn't going to block my dream."

I'll see all of you tomorrow. I've got clients counting on me today!!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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Anonymous said...

Tiff, I'm so here-not exactly in the same way you are, but man, am I HERE!!! Thanks for following God's lead and sharing this.
Carol Collett
who tried to log in with my google id, but for some reason the site won't let me...