Friday, April 25, 2008

Using what you know to get to where you're going

I've been working on marketing plans for projects quite a bit lately and I have noticed that many people don't recognize how to use what they already know, and connections they already have, to get to where they're going.

In a marketing plan you are simply outlining for a potential publishing house what you can do to market a book, and how marketable the project is overall. This can seem very daunting until you realize the way you can use your background to build your future.

First, public speaking. Public speaking is a very common way to establish a platform. Randy Ingermanson has a great teaching on this. He interviewed a woman who is a professional speaker [that is how she earns her living]. There are many tips that make the cost of the product well worth it.

Second, previously published works. If you have already published then you can use the current readership, or subscribers to your website, to build from to create a larger sphere of influence. If you were published in a collection of works [like a group of 3-4 novellas in a single bound volume] then possibly working with other authors on the project would work well.

Maybe you are recognized in a particular industry? I have told the story before about being in network marketing and learning a great deal from it. The day I finally relented and pursued my call to write was at a regional meeting. The Senior Regional Vice President had invited a speaker to come talk to us about reaching your full potential. As I sat there I was energized to pursue my dream...writing books. And it wasn't the man's 7 figure cash advance that had inspired me either. :-)

I remember how the SRVP had influence over the 200+ people sitting in that thousands more. When she recommended one of us read a book it spread through the group and hundreds of people bought it, simply on her recommendation.

So being recognized doesn't mean being head of a multi-national corporation, it could simply mean having a large family or colleagues who value your opinion.

But what if you aren't a professional speaker? Or multi-published? Or even recognized in a particular industry?

The concept of pyromarketing [see link to the website on the right] shows you that you really only need a small group of people who are excited about what you are doing to launch something big.

So who is that target audience. Dig deep in your story, among the subplots and research, and find that group. As you look there are likely going to be quite a few different ways to impact people of different groups based on the way you emphasize different aspects of your book.

And take time to look in your past: What you've learned; Where you've been; associations you've made. See how different skills you've learned have prepared you for your dream of writing. Then add these things to your marketing plan. See how they begin to fit together.

It will give you a stronger plan. And you'll likely be amazed at what you learn about yourself.

I have to go, I have marketing to do.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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