Friday, April 18, 2008

Building a reputation

So we have lessons on how to write a query letter for an agent, ideas on creating the marketing portion of our proposal, but how to you build a platform.

You need to build a reputation.

Google your name. Go ahead, I'll wait.

What did you find? Is any of it you? Is it something that someone would like to read?

Start to create a plan to build an online presence.

If you have any aspirations to write a book go NOW and purchase your domain. Last week you learned all about ways to do that from Tiffany Stockton [it is worth reading last weeks Wed-Fri blogs if you missed them.]

Now, start to find places to write for. A mentor of mine used to say that you have to write a million bad words before you start to write good words. Since he's published over 30 novels, I think I'll listen. :-)

Start working on your writing by submitting to various online and print publications.

And always be PROFESSIONAL.

The publishing industry is a tight group. Word gets around. Make sure the word on the street about you is POSITIVE.

And when you write an article, tell your blog readers. Give them the opportunity to celebrate your successes with you.

The stories will help you build a reputation with your future readership, they also give you a chance to build a reputation with editors.

Finally, when you're putting all these elements in your book proposals these can help you build a reputation with your future editors and agents.

So what would you like to know more about? Next week I'll use my blog to answer individual questions you may have.

I've got to go now. It's 78 today and will be in the low 60s tomorrow. I have relaxing to do!!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter


Becoming Me said...

Fabulous advice! I am proud of the information that comes up when I Google my name but a little disappointed when I Googled my blog name. It was the fourth item to come up and my blog title isn't as original as I thought but it does really apply to me.

As for questions, I would like to know how to get an agent. Thank you!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter said...

Hey, at least you're in the top 4. Research ways to get higher in the page ranking [links, updating your page, etc.] and do those. It will take some work but be glad you're in the top.

Glad to have you among my blog readers. Tiff