Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It is funny how life imitates art.

In my case my life has illustrated the message I'd planned to share today.

In my plan to spend this week helping your organize your business and become more productive writers, I've seen over and over how true these words are.

So Sunday when I planned to talk about how creating a routine makes a person more productive I had NO idea that a computer issue was going to destroy my routine and give me one of the least productive day I've had in almost a week. [This said when I am having one of my busiest weeks in a while.]

Today I want to talk about creating a routine. This builds on what I talked about on yesterday's blog on organization.

When I say "Create a routine" I don't necessarily mean you do the exact same thing on certain days at certain times. What I do mean is create the habit of doing productive things. For me, that routine is trying to plan my blogs on the weekend, write my blogs in the morning and have the bulk of my writing done before I make lunch. This requires me to get up early enough to get up, get breakfast and do the first teaching part with my kids by a certain time each day [I homeschool 4 kids]. Therefore, in my ROUTINE I know if I haven't gone through the lesson with my youngest by 10:30 I won't get my blogging and writing done before it's time to help the oldest and start lunch.

I also have established the routine of NOT checking my email constantly. I have my various emails diverted in to folders and I scan through them once or twice a day. Otherwise the over 130 emails I get each day will occupy the entire day.

So what is your routine? What do you seek to accomplish each day?

This is really a matter of breaking your goals down in to smaller chunks.

So what is your routine?

Create one and track your progress for one month.

For one month decide that you'll write for two hours on Saturdays.
For one month decide that you'll market your writing for 30 minutes, three days a week.
For one month decide that you'll leave emails UNREAD for more than 2 hours at a time.

And see what you accomplish.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the increase in your productivity.

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