Monday, March 10, 2008

Promoting yourself

Hello Lovely Learners,

Today I want to talk about promotion.

We've discussed time management and building platforms but how do you promote yourself.

This is one of the toughest parts of marketing for many people. We don't want to promote ourselves because, if we do, then any rejection is a rejection of us personally.

If you're selling cars and someone doesn't want to buy your car then they are rejecting your car, not you.

If you're selling houses and someone doesn't come to the open house, it isn't a reflection on you personally.

However, if we are promoting us or our writing and we are turned down. The sting is deep.

But, that is only if you look at promotion as trying to pitch your persona all over.

I try to look at promotion as talking and helping.

All of you who have read my blog these last few months know that I gladly come to your blog if asked. I'm more than happy to teach and share information with others. I also post that blog link on this site in case you want to come visit.

This is a form of promotion. But it isn't selling myself in a scary way. I am helping others.

I truly feel this is the best form of promotion. Help others [with genuine concern] and TALK. Let people know you're available. No one knows how busy a person is. Many times a person may feel uncomfortable approaching an author. I was when I got started in the industry.

Let people know you're available [and don't just post it on a website. Tell them.]

By helping other people you're not only promoting yourself, but you're giving other people a reason to promote you too.

See you tomorrow. Your coach for the journey. Tiffany Colter

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