Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Learning from a Magazine Editor

I'm very excited today to have an interview with Nancy Arant Williams

In addition to being an editor at Beautiful One Magazine, Nancy is a writer. I asked her to share with us a few things about the magazine she works for and how writers can break in to writing articles.

Writing Career Coach: Tell us a little about the magazine you work for.

Nancy: Beautiful One Magazine is a premiere Christian women’s magazine based out of McKinney Texas. It was available for several years in electronic-only format, but went into print/hardcopy format in May/June of 2007. The CEO, Lucie Costa says their motto is: “It’s not about us—it’s all about Him.” Remember the high-class, quality magazines of eras gone by? With thick, shiny paper, beautiful full-color ads, and hard-hitting articles dealing with tough issues facing today’s women--that is what Beautiful One Magazine is all about. We believe every woman is precious, designed with a purpose and a plan that can only be realized as we allow God to complete us, to use us, and to let us reflect the love of Christ to a lost and dying world. I am privileged to be part of a team that sees their role as obeying the Great Commission, to go into the all the world and share the message of salvation with anyone with an ear to hear.

Writing Career Coach: What can a writer do to help separate their submission from the others in the slush pile?

Nancy: First of all, of course, it is imperative to write well, to start with a subject of interest, develop the thread, using scripture in context, and closing well. Write about your subject with passion, praying for wisdom and guidance, following the guidelines detailed on the website. While Beautiful One is not a paying market, it showcases each author’s work in a high-class, beautiful format and does offer a byline and credits. It’s not hard to get your article published if it’s passionate, excellent, concise, hard-hitting, and to the point—with the goal of helping women see themselves as God sees them, and inviting them to respond to the Spirit’s call to a personal relationship with Christ.

Writing Career Coach:What does an editor do at a magazine?

Nancy: I receive specifically chosen articles from the executive team, and whip them into shape, rewriting, tweaking, verifying scripture, quotations, and basically making them good enough for print. I sometimes contact authors to ask questions about their articles, clarifying points that are murky or confusing. I also stay in touch with owner and CEO Lucie Costa and other team members, helping to decide which articles are appropriate, and making sure we’re all on track with deadlines.

Writing Career Coach: Where can we find out more about your magazine?

Nancy: Simply go to www.beautifulonemagazine.com and check us out. There is a link where you can subscribe or make a tax-deductible donation. We appreciate so much whatever anyone can do to help, and, from the smallest sacrifice to the greatest, no gift will be taken for granted.

Writing Career Coach: Thank you so much Nancy.
Nancy: You're welcome.

Nancy Arant Williams is the author of twenty-six books, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as a number of free mini-e-books on spiritual warfare/ living the Christian life, that are available on her website at: www.nancyarantwilliams.com. She is a freelance book editor as well as the associate editor for Beautiful One Magazine, and she and her husband John own and operate a Bed & Breakfast called The Nestle Down Inn, (www.nestledowninn.com), located in the heart of the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Her desire is for women to see themselves as God sees them, designed with a purpose, cherished and beloved, so they will be healed, empowered, and find their niche in God’s incredible plan.

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