Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My visit with ACFW Ohio

Hello everyone.

As promised today I'm going to tell you about my visit with ACFW Ohio last Saturday.

I had such a wonderful time. The day started with a healthy dumping of 8 inches of snow up here outside of Toledo, OH. So my husband drove with me [the kids were at Grandma's] down to a Columbus suburb where there was a great group of people. [Look at us. Don't we look happy? I'm the short lady on the far right, standing wearing nearly all black.]

I spoke on the topic of Executing your dream. Really it was all about looking at your writing as a business and taking steps to build that business. I was really excited to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. After I finished teaching I got to spend a bit of time talking with some people in the group [although not as much as I would have liked because I needed to get back to Toledo to see my four girls sing in the Easter Performance] and I got some wonderful feedback.

I want to thank ACFW Ohio for their hospitality and willingness to take an afternoon to focus on building their writing business. It was a privilege to spend a Saturday afternoon with them.

I was reminded again of the importance of having a group of fellow writers to support you. Whether you are just starting out, or are multi-published, the writing life can be a lonely place at times. It is important to find a group of people that you can meet with face to face to build your writing.

So on your goals for building your writing business, who will be your support system? Likely friends and family will be there.

But who else?

Do you have other writers to talk to? Are there people who you can share the trials of the writing life with that will FULLY understand why you're so excited when you get a rejection letter WITH A REAL SIGNATURE! Will they understand the process or simply say "Aren't you published yet?"

I would encourage you to not just jump in with any writer's group. I've seen some that were so poisonous that it was worse to be associated with them than it was to be associated with no one. Find a group that will build you up. Make sure that you can see each other on a regular basis [even if regular ends up being annually]. You need those friends.

And before I sign off today I want to let you know about the possibility of a writer's retreat. I am considering doing a very intimate writing retreat this summer. It would be in a small town about 15 minutes north of Toledo, OH. There would be room for 6 people to come. I will be teaching and mentoring at the event [as well as coordinating it].

The weekend would include:
A double occupancy stay in a bed and breakfast [we'd be the only guests there]
All meals from Friday night through Breakfast Sunday morning-as well as some snacks[Saturday I plan a meal at Hathaway House in Blissfield, MI the cost of the meal is included in the registration]
A 20 minute chair massage [to relax stiff writing muscles]
More than 1 1/2 days of focus on building your writing business from Craft, to marketing, to platform development.
The entire Writing Career Coach Library [By June expected to be 6 lessons with a retail value of $110]
And I will be walking each of you through the lessons personally to help you craft a customized marketing plan, time management plan, and help you research markets to work on building a platform.

After the weekend you should have a plan for the next six-twelve months to build your writing business.

The cost would be $225-$275 depending on what rates I can negotiate and would include EVERYTHING [except transportation there]. If I have enough interest I'll book 2 or 3 weekends during the summer. I will spend the entire weekend at the retreat working individually and in small groups teaching and helping you each craft your own Writing Business Plan.

Email me at to find out more or if you'd like to participate. We will figure out dates that will work for everyone.

I look forward to seeing more of you at writing events. If your writing group would like to speak to me about coming and speaking to your group-email me at the address above.

So, as we wrap up the first quarter of 2008 in just a few days, look over your goals and see how far you are. Where did you plan to be.

Make adjustments and I'll see you tomorrow.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter


Sharon A. Lavy said...

Tiffany, your talk was very inspiring and I could tell from the chatter afterwards that we will be thinking about all you taught us for a long time to come. Those of us who bought your tapes will be blessed.

Caroline said...

Hi, Tiffany,
The writing weekend sounds wonderful. And I definitely need to learn more about turning my writing into a business. Keep me posted, just in case I could sign up for one.

Thanks for all the tips! I had a great day and loved meeting you.

Here's my blog address for anyone who wants to read my "meanderings."

Carol Ann Erhardt said...

Tiffany, you inspired me with your presentation to our group. You are a dynamo filled with passion and excitement that transfers to those who are in your audience. Thanks so much for sharing the wealth of information. I look forward to meeting you again. Thanks again for everything!

Carol Ann Erhardt
Secretary, ACFW Ohio