Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What if you had to?

Writers, or people who would be writers, have one thing in common.

They face challenges.

I've had my share of problems in my life, as well as times with very little adversity, and what I've learned is I am more productive WHEN I HAD TO.

WHEN I HAD TO sell an article to pay a bill, I worked late in to the night. When I didn't have to I would often times watch a sitcom rerun instead.

WHEN I HAD TO finish a proposal to get it to a waiting editor I finished a book in three weeks. When I didn't have to I would pick at it here and there.

WHEN I HAD TO get something done I worked from 10am to 2am for weeks at a time to finish it. When I didn't have to, I didn't.

So do you HAVE to? Have you REALLY decided that writing is something that you WANT to accomplish or would you LIKE to write?

If you're published have you DECIDED you REALLY want to see better sales numbers, or would it "be nice" but not necessary.

Do you HAVE to write a book that is so good your reader can't put it down, or is it just enough to see your name on the cover?

Decide your goals and your motivations and go out and do what you HAVE TO DO.

For me, I HAVE TO be a writing Mentor. I am passionate about seeing people succeed.
For me, I HAVE TO always give people more than they expect.
For me, I HAVE TO make sacrifices now to have a better tomorrow.

I hope for many of you Writing will become something you HAVE TO do.

Regardless, if you are someone who knows you must write, or who thinks they might like to, please come to my Mentorship site and check out the free resources, fun and mentorship program. Sign up to have your project edited [even just the first few chapters] to help your writing improve. Maybe you'd like a second set of eyes to look over an article before you send it to a magazine.

Either way, come check us out. We'd love to see you there: www.WritingCoachAnswers.com
That is where you'll find a mentor and a community of writers to help you reach the next level.

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Hope Chastain said...

Thank you, Tiff! I do HAVE TO write, as well as finish my album. Thanks for the encouragement, as well as the reminder that what we have to do, we can!