Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Are you credible?

In the blogosphere there are thousands of experts that share their opinions of even more topics. In this Ocean of insight how can you distinguish yourself?


You must take the time to build a reputation as a credible source of information if you're ever going to get the traffic you need to build your blog.


You also need to be consistent. There are days [like this past Friday] when I was SO overwhelmed with responsibilities that it was impossible for me to get the blog done. But I've established a reputation of consistency which helps me maintain a strong hit count despite that deviation.


I wanted to emphasize the co- there. Co means with. You need to operate with others in a spirit of cooperation, not competition. I realize we are all competing. As much as I love other writers people have a limited amount of time to read blogs [but if you'd like to listen to them to save time REMEMBER you can listen to my blog every day at www.pimpmyblog.com]. If they read another person's blog that means mine might get skipped. That is why I need to be sure I am consistent and credible.

I also cooperate with other bloggers. When Susan Lohrer emailed me this morning with a few questions I was available. She posted a great Q and A blog today with the answers to my questions. I'd urge you to check it out.

Look at your blogging, writing, and professional life. Are you someone that people see as a clearinghouse for USEFUL information that they can use to build their business? Are you updating on a regular basis? Are you making deadline on articles? Are you producing quality work?

These are skills you need to develop as a writer. You also need to be consistently learning new marketing trends and changes in publishing. Go read through some of the archives from Jan 1, 2008 forward. Go download my free e-zine on article writing to build your writing business at www.WritingCoachAnswers.com and start to build your platform.

And come back and tell me about your successes big and small. Post a comment if you made a sale, started a blog, got a requets MS, sold an article or any other mini success as a writer. Let's celebrate together and learn together. That is cooperation.

There is enough competition out there to eat us alive. Come here and learn with a group of writers who are excited for each success.

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