Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Answer to website questions


For those of you who have gone to the site and encountered a couple of problems I want you to know they're corrected:

The free article is no longer in a .docx form. It is a .doc

The price for the special subscriber area is $5 for the first month, $10 each month after. It is NOT $25. That was a mistake.

The formatting that cuts off part of the right...not sure how to fix that. It depends on the computer. I have two laptops. On one I can see the whole thing just fine, on the other part of the right column is cut off. So be sure to scroll right.

Make sure you're checking out the Writer Savvy Quiz. It is for fun. This should take you straight to it. You are welcome to share this link on your blogs and websites.

Okay, my blog is coming but I wanted to answer these questions.

And for everyone else, I'll announce the website officially in the next blog which is coming up in a few mintues.

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