Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More on successful marketing

Hello and happy Wednesday,

We've seen a significant bump in our readership and I checked my stats and learned that many of you are coming over from recent blog carnivals. So if this is your first time to my blog, welcome. I hope that you'll read through the archives and introduce yourselves in the comments section.

Today I'm going to continue talking a bit about my Multiple 6 Marketing.

Yesterday I said that this was more effective than a starfish strategy. To the best of my knowledge both of these are phrases I made up so don't run to your college textbooks and try to find them. Again, we're writers here [well, most of us are] and so I'm trying to create a picture in your mind.

As I described yesterday, Multiple 6 marketing is starting from the local area and gradually moving out. It is similar to viral marketing in that respect.

Starfish marketing is the explosive kind of ADVERTISING based marketing that most people associate with getting the word out. While the starfish does have a central area, it is going in many directions at once.

I'd like to encourage you to start with your sphere of influence and move in concentric circles. Gain credibility with your peers then continue to expand. That is why I focus so heavily on creating a platform even before you have a book. If you wait until your first publishing contract to start to build a platform you run the risk of getting overwhelmed.

If you'd like to know more about the importance of platform I have the Writing Career Coach Course product available for sale on my mentorship website. It is $15 but I think you'll find that it is worth FAR more. Click here to read a description.

Another reason I favor the multiple 6 model to the starfish model is because the starfish can get EXPENSIVE!! When you're starting out as a writer you don't have unlimited funds to buy advertising in 20 or 30 markets. However, with hometown connections and stories on you-there is more MEANINGFUL information shared which won't be shut out like a 30 second ad.

Consider the difference in your reaction to a pop up vs. a blog.

During the course of this blog I shared with you about my course that I sell but that is not the FOCUS of this blog. I simply offer it as a way to help people who want to know more, get information.

It is the same way with articles [the basis of multiple 6 marketing]. By giving others something meaningful and telling them where they can find out more if they'd like to you are PROVIDING A SERVICE, not just trying to sell a product.

I plan to put together a special report on this topic so if any of you have additional questions, please let me know [post them in the comments or email with subj: question on multiple 6]. I want to clear up any confusion.

Now, for those of you who are editors [or would like to be] I will be teaching a course designed just for you through the Christian PEN March 3-24. The deadline to register is Feb. 25. If you'd like more details click here.

I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow. Tiff

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