Thursday, February 28, 2008

There's a face behind that number

Who are your customers and where are they?

That is the focus of most marketing plans. When you find the people you build that platform and try to keep it growing.

The key to doing that is remember there are faces behind those numbers.

When you're tempted to do a poor job on your blog or hold back places with your 'customer'.

When you're trying to decide how to market an idea, consider what you would like. What would be valuable and useful to YOU?

It is tempting sometimes to see customers as walking dollar signs who have no greater desire than to follow you around and hang on your every word. While there are certain stars who might be able to garner that response-the rest of us need to put both feet directly on the ground and think.

Every day as I sit down to blog I ask myself a question "If I were to stop at this blog, would I feel my time had been well spent?" There have been times that I completely changed the entire focus of my blog because I decided I wasn't helping all of you enough. If I would feel cheated by reading my blog, I don't post it for all of you.

So think about it, are you putting all you have in to what you're doing? Are you cranking out words to meet an article deadline or are you trying to truly inform others? Are you throwing something together just to get a recent blog posting? Are you trying to attract people only to try to separate them from their money?

I hope that when a person finds this blog that they feel they've located something valuable. I hope they feel enriched for having read it.

Do you have the same level of respect for the people you're trying to reach?

I'll see you next time. Your coach for the journey, Tiffany Colter


Susan Lohrer said...

Tiff, thank you for this awesome advice. :-) I always look forward to seeing WCC in my Inbox because you have great ideas for ways to provide valuable content for my readers. Keep up the good work.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter said...

Thank you so much Susan. That is very nice of you!