Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Success with Multiple 6 Marketing

Happy Tuesday

Well I slept so much better last night knowing that my taxes were done. This weekend I had 4 or 5 blogs bouncing in my head. I wrote the titles and subject on a sheet of paper...and can't find it this morning. Laugh.

That's okay. I had this come to my mind as I was working on my other blog. I titled it Books as assets. This blog links well to that one [and vice versa].

Also, in my constant attempt to help you with your marketing I want you to notice the title. "Success with Multiple 6 Marketing". That title was very deliberate. First, it introduces a question. You wonder what in the world it is.

But also, my research has shown me that when I put Marketing or Market in my title...NO ONE COMES. Okay, that's not entirely true. You regulars still come for the most part but my blogrush click throughs drop through the floor.

However, when the word "Success"is in a title, the click-throughs jump. So let's see what happens with both. [Are you trying these kinds of marketing tests? If not, you should be. That way you know how to drive traffic to your site more effectively.]

Okay, so what is Multiple 6 Marketing and how will it help you successfully build your blog, book sales, and public speaking.

This is a term I invented to describe something like Viral Marketing.

I don't know how to draw on here or I'd make a picture for you. Since I can't I'll use the power of the writer's mind to help you SEE the picture. First envision a map of a 3 mile radius of where you live. Put your imaginary pencil on your town. Make the shape of a #6 [without closing the circle all the way]. DON'T lift your pencil. Instead, loop around so you now have a continuous line of growing circles. [Similar to still water when a rock is tossed in].

This is how you should envision your marketing plan. Create a local connection. "Local resident Mentors aspiring writers on new website." Could be the headline here in my town.

But I said MULTIPLE circles. So now take your mind to the map of other areas you have a connection to. I graduated from high school an hour from where I live but I was born and raised [except those last 3 years of high school] 3 hours south of here.

So how would those headlines look?
High school "Local Graduate Mentors Aspiring Writers on New Website."
Home town "Local Native Mentors Aspiring Writers on New Website."

Each of those places are the center of my "growing sixes". I can use those local connections in 3 different places as the basis of my marketing plan. And that is just the start.

Why focus on local? We'll talk later this week about why using a Multiple 6 Marketing strategy can be more effective than a Starfish strategy when it comes to Slow Money. [If you don't know what slow money is see the Feb 7 posting on my Writing Mentor blog. ]

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