Thursday, February 21, 2008

That CRAZY blog post

For those of you who are regular readers yesterday's blog posting was a bit...uh...confusing! I'd like to apologize for the abrupt end to the blog. As I ways typing it my youngest child [who'd been fighting a high fever all day] stumbled down the steps [read, fell]. I left my computer and when I felt the fever was back with a vengeance I said "we'll talk about that tomorrow" and went to tend to my daughter.


Here is the balance of the blog. I will restate my blog from yesterday and then continue the thought.

I was asked to answer some questions for Susan Lohrer's blog yesterday. I went to the blog and looked around a bit. I was TRULY impressed. The site is clean and professional with a good mix of content and postings. If you're a writer or editor her blog if full of useful information.

Next, I went over to the blog of a friend Nora St. Laurent. Knowing Nora like I do, this blog captured her perfectly. If you are a reader her blog provides great photos of her book club ministry in addition to other information.

Then I heard from someone a week ago who said they really couldn't think what to blog about. [In fact, I've heard that a few times in these last few weeks].

I have a couple of comments. First, here are two people who are taking action in reaching their dreams. They are taking the skills they have to build an effective platform to grow their business.

For people who are not taking to blogging I have this advice...don't do it. Life is too short and there are too many different ways to grow your business and platform without blogging. Begin to research them and we'll talk tomorrow.

For those of you who do not enjoy blogging, or don't have time to do it, there are still options. Websites offer an opportunity to create a web presence. Offer an E-zine with this website. You can solicit interviews from individuals in the blogosphere who talk about topics of interest to your target market. Also offer relevant content that you write.

This will help you create a platform without the need to post daily on a blog. I subscribe to a few differnt E-zines and I learn a great deal from them. There are also blog carnivals. If you'd like to be a clearinghouse for information but don't want to be responsible for content yourself, look in to this option.

The purpose of all these methods is to provide meaningful content to your target audience which will help you gain credibility. This credibility will, in turn, build your platform.

So to summarize, here are a few options for those who don't enjoy blogging:
1. E-zines in conjunction with a website
2. A website
3. Hosting a blog carnival

I'll continue to seek out other options to help you build your writing platform to increase sales of your fiction and non-fiction.

I'd love to hear some of your ideas as well. Your coach for the journey, Tiffany Colter

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