Friday, February 1, 2008

Over 100 hours later...


I can hardly believe it but it has taken over 100 hours of work and my new mentorship website is DONE. Either Friday or Saturday I will send the discount coupon and "Pre-opening access" email to everyone who subscribes to this blog [sign up on right through feedblitz]. I will open it up to everyone else by announcing the domain next week. I do ask that those of you who get the "pre-opening access" not give out the domain name until I've announced it on this blog.

Now, something that might help you.

I know some of you are interested in subsidy publishing. This is where you pay the cost of printing your book [and also keep the profits]. This can be a much tougher road to publication.

I know you're saying "No it isn't. It's easier."

Well yes, while it is TRUE that you get published easier, actually SELLING your book CAN be more difficult. However, if you already have an established readership on from your blog or website there are e-book options and instant downloads available. I am familiar with for disks. I've heard great reviews from them and when I've purchased products from others using Kunaki I've been happy with the quality of their work and the speed.

They did raise their prices January 1 but they are still quite reasonable. I have released my Writing Career Coach Course Part 1: Creating a Platform CD using them. I was impressed with how quickly I could upload and design my case. [I will talk more about that experience next week when I release the website and product].

If you DO decide that you want to self-publish you will need to be SURE you pay to have your work edited. It will likely cost a few hundred dollars to get a line edit done but if you are going to publish it.

Tomorrow we will talk more about HIGH and we'll talk about marketing your own E-books or E-products.

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