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Get Discovered!! Writing opportunity and Writing Contest

With vacation time in full swing this week we’re going to share a few lighter things. There will only be two postings as July 4th is a holiday here in the US. For my international readers you may email me with pressing questions or participate in this week’s webinar [sign up for Writing Career Coach Playbook and select ‘webinars’ to receive the special announcement that is coming.]

Today I want to remind you that we are approaching the final day where you can sign up to be a writer for and give the person who referred you a bonus. [See the full benefits by reading the original article here] The deadline is June 30th so if you’ve been thinking about it, and haven’t, do it today and let them know I sent you. I’ve been on examiner about a month and have had over 1,000 page views there alone. Not bad for building a new market!

A few people have taken advantage of it. Check out their articles! Jennifer AlLee. Read her article about the Vegas book festival’s search for authors.

And Ronald Thibeault, the Atlanta Protestant Examiner. His series of articles includes a book review. Check it out here.

Check out this announcement of a contest. Last year two people who entered SOLD their MS!!

The countdown for the 2009 Launching A Star contest has begun! You won't want to miss your chance to enter this terrific contest where last year's acquiring editors and agents requested an amazing 10 manuscripts, resulting in at least two sales.

This year, we've added new categories – Romantic Suspense, Inspirational and Novellas – in our efforts to bring you the most value for your contest dollars.

To enter, submit the first chapter (25 page max) of your romance in any of our nine categories. All first round judges (2 per entry, one trained, one published in romance) will provide constructive comments on every entry. Two industry professionals (one agent and one editor) will judge each category in the final round.

Complete details and entry forms are available on the STAR Chapter website:

But hurry! You must send your entry in no later than September 5th. Launching a Star 2009

Sponsor: SpacecoasT Authors of Romance Chapter (STAR)

Fee: $25-$30, SASE

Please Note: The deadlines listed in RWR are incorrect. The correct deadlines are: Deadline: Post-marked by September 5th, Received by September 12th
E-deadline (for non-US residents only): Emailed by September 5th, received by September 6th.
Eligibility: Unpublished or not PAN Eligible
Enter: The first 25 pages. No synopsis.
First round judges: One trained; one published.
Final round judges: One editor and one agent for each category
Single Title – Editor Selina McLenmore, Grand Central;
Agent Becca Stumpf, Prospect Agency
Romantic Suspense – Editor Sara Goodman, St. Martin's;
Agent Kimberly Whalen, Trident Media
Inspirational – Editor Natalie Hanemann, Thomas Nelson;
Agent Rachelle Gardner, WordServe Agency
Historical – Editor Talia Platz, NAL; Agent Elizabeth
Pomada, Larsen-Pomada Agency
General Paranormal: Editor Heather Osborne, TOR; Agent
Laurie McLean, Larsen-Pomada Agency
Fantasy/Futuristic: Editor Meredith Giordan, Berkley/Jove;
Agent Deidre Knight, The Knight Agency
Series Contemp: Editor Susan Litman, Harlequin Special
Edition; Agent Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas Agency
Young Adult: Editor Kristen Daly, HarperCollins; Agent
Elaine Spencer, The Knight Agency
Novellas: Editor Angela James, Samhain; Agent Roberta
Brown, Brown Literary Agency

Prizes: Star named in honor of overall contest winner; Engraved paperweights for all First Place in category; Certificates for all finalists

So, enjoy your leisurely summer but don’t pass up on these great opportunities.

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