Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Preparing for change: part 1

Last weekend Chip MacGregor posted a fascinating blog about where he thinks publishing will be in 5 years. Rather than the usual list of non-information you can find on some blogs, this posting is very thought provoking. Over the next couple of posts I want to comment on three of Chip’s points. I urge you to go back and read the entire blog to get a full understanding of all the changes he sees ahead.

Chip’s 1st point: “You will own an electronic reader.”

The reason I found this idea so striking is the multiple marketing channels that are available when you consider instant gratification in book reading. While it offers authors the opportunity to sell their books online through their own website [and have the reader see them instantly] it calls in to question current marketing practices like book signings, influencer copies [that are then passed along to other readers who become fans] and sales based on scanning the shelves.
On the positive side, it can also mean an increase in impulse buying.

Chip’s 4th point: “The concept of convergence will jump from newspapers and magazines to books.”

This is a really neat concept that I hope comes soon. This is having links, video, audio and bonus footage in the electronic books. I love the bonus features available on DVDs and many smart authors have recognized the benefit of bonus chapters or other special gifts on their website, but to have an ‘interactive book’ is awesome. When I consider the kinds of things that are possible with this technology my creative and marketing centers of my brain start doing flip flops. In fact, I can hardly wait 5 years to see some books using this. I can’t wait to use my creativity to maximize this technology with my own book.

Friday we will look at his 8th point. Make sure you go over and read his post, comment on my blog and then come back Friday to talk more.
So, if either of these are the future of book publishing, how do you need to start adjusting your marketing strategy and your platform development so you’re prepared to maximize your book sales?

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Carol Bruce Collett said...

I think Chip has some interesting observations. I don't know anyone with an e-book reader. But I'd love to see how they work. There's huge potential there.