Thursday, June 18, 2009

A popular series returns!

After a six week break I have begun to post the final chapters of my Daphne du Maurier Award winning manuscript "A Face in the Shadow". The entire book has been archived and two chapters will be posted each week [on Tuesdays and Fridays] with the next chapter going up on Friday.

A note to writers who want to be published. I have posted this manuscript in its entirety because I decided not to publish it. Many writers have sought to get their start in publishing by putting completed works [poems, articles, chapters of books or even full books] online. With the changing publishing rules most publishers will view a book as PUBLISHED once it has posted online. Therefore, do not duplicate my idea unless you never intend to resell or publish the work.

I decided to put this book up in its entirety because it was something I wrote more than 3 years ago and I was ready to move on to new projects.

Many people have read this book since I began posting it late last year. I encourage you to read and enjoy it but also to use it as a lesson. Feel free to think of how you might have written a scene better. What plot twists might you have added or taken out? [Just don't send them to me. ;-) ]

So, take some time to do some free reading and have fun with it.

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