Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to apply the great ideas you learn

Yesterday I talked about the stickiness factor in marketing. If you didn't read that blog go back now and do it. You can click the link here.

So, what does the stickiness factor tell us. How can we apply it to marketing our own writing. This will require some thought because each person will be different [if not, what is there to attract someone to you rather than to me?]

Think about this a minute. What did I do in the blog yesterday to increase your likelihood of reading the article I suggested. I included a link.

What did I do to increase the sales at my garage sale? Had a bag sitting in each box of clothes.

One thing I didn't include yesterday was that EVERY person thought it was a great deal. Two or three people called others on their cell phone to let them know about my great deal. Countless people decided to purchase when they hadn't planned on it ["For 25 cents I can give them away if they don't fit."] and two people actually gave me double the amount due "because it was a such a huge bargain".

I want you to seriously consider what lessons for your own marketing efforts you can glean from these examples. There is a wealth of information you can learn from this. What small change to your blog, website or marketing would draw more readers to you? It isn't an easy question. I had to experiment a few times on Saturday with the placement of the bags until I found that actually putting them in the boxes full of clothes made them sell. You will have to experiment a bit with your own marketing efforts until you find what works.

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