Friday, June 5, 2009

Do you own it?

I've been trying to think for quite some time about how to project this concept to you. It is something that, once you fully grasp it, will completely change the way you approach your writing. For this reason I have spent more than a week looking at this idea from every possible angle.

Before I lay it out, however, how did you do this week with those 3 things you wanted to accomplish? Did you get them done? Did you exceed your expectations or did you make excuses and fall behind? These questions really are foundational to what I want to share today.

Let me return to the question: Do you own it?

Do you own your writing? Do you really see yourself as a professional writer [or even as someone who is working on becoming a professional writer]? I'm really not sure that most of you do because if you did you'd take that $3,000 you lost in May a LOT more seriously.

Really, I mean it. If you have so much cash that you can keep throwing money in the fire place and not miss it, PLEASE send some of it my way. I'd put it to good use.

Honestly, I hate to think of the thousands of dollars most of you have lost this year...and last year.

The money I'm referring to is the royalties, cash advances and article income you WOULD be earning if you put the consistent effort in to writing instead of piddling with it a little at a time. There comes a time in every author's life where they must face a hard truth-If you REALLY believed you could earn money as a writer you'd spend time writing instead of watching the Partridge Family Rerun Marathon [or whatever it is you waste your time on]. You'd listen to books on CD. You'd read books while waiting in your car. You'd scribble plot outlines on the back of the paper place mats at your favorite restaurant. You'd submit SOMETHING to SOMEONE each and every week.

In short, you'd do everything a professional writer does because the only way you're going to get there is if you do what they do-even before you get that "phone call".

So it all comes down to your belief in yourself and your expectation of success. Are you going to spend another $1,000 this year to attend a writer's conference, get pumped up and then do nothing with it? Are you going to sign up to take advantage of Writing Career Coach's coaching program-and not do the lessons? Are you going to buy another book thinking that spending the money-without reading the book-will somehow make you a better writer?

It's not about knowing the right names, owning the right books or linking to the right blogs. Being a successful writer is about consistency and growth. It is about getting mad enough at losing that $3,000 book deal this month that you'll put even more work in to it next month. It is about possessing the goal-not just hoping for it. It is about taking responsibility for the results instead of making excuses for the failure.

It is about owning the dream to the point that not accomplishing it costs you something. It is about seeing publication as rightfully yours and then working to bring your vision to reality.

So, do you own it? Does the dream own you? Are you willing to earn it?

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Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Tiff -

You are reading my mail these days.

On Monday, I turned over a new leaf. I've worked on my book every single day. This might not seem like a big deal, but I've been in an excuse rut for too long.

Thanks, Tiff. Keep upholding the truth.

Susan :)

Rebecca said...

wow, this is great stuff.

I can't say until I read this that I thought of it that way. I need to own more.

I think my excuse is the pie in the sky thing, where i do more than what I should in my situation.

I'll ahve to really think. I have to own it.