Friday, June 26, 2009

Preparing for Change: part 2

Tuesday, I talked about the June 21, 2009 posting on Chip MacGregor’s blog where he talked about some of the changes he foresees in publishing in 5 years. In part 1, I talked about the ideas of Convergence and the growing popularity with electronic readers. Today we’re going to look at the 8th change Chip expects: Our culture's fascination with short messages on Facebook and Twitter will mean a renewed interest in short stories.

Chip says that this is something he really hopes will happen. When I consider his rationale I think it is a logical assumption. With our increasingly literate society [I call it microliterate because of the fascination with short bursts of information] I think short stories will become very popular. Furthermore, the rise of music videos that have become more “mini-movies” than simply videos of the singers performing, will make short stories even more appealing to younger readers [this coming from a GenXer].

I also wonder if along with a growth of short stories if we’ll begin to see novels composed of a series of short stories rather than chapters. It is an interesting idea.

Consider again the implications of these changes to your marketing strategy and take the time to go read Chip’s full blog posting.

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