Monday, June 15, 2009

How do I get there from here?

Napoleon Hill wrote his classic book "Think and Grow Rich" not knowing that it would continue to be read and studied decades later. For him it was simply a matter of recording the wisdom of others.

He not only took the time to listen to people who knew something, but he also took the effort to apply what he'd learned.

We have a large amount of information available to us now. Even 10 years ago the internet wasn't what it is today. However, you must discern the information that will help you at each juncture. That means you need to know where you're headed.

Many of my new coaching students begin with a question like "How do I get published?" or "Is my book publishable?"

It begins with learning from other people. That is why I spend so much time reading and sharing recommended books with you. The next step is always application.


I will have to defer to the Wizard of Oz on this one. Dorothy was given a yellow brick road to follow. It clearly led her through scary lonely times and it led her though wonderful happy times. The key to why it led her was that she knew where she needed to go. She knew her ultimate goal was the Emerald City. She listened to the advice of someone who knew more than her [the Good Witch of the North] and started excited [The Munchkins--your other writer friends].

Once Dorothy knew where she was headed she kept going. That is what we must do. We must keep pushing forward...

To a clear goal.

So, on this Monday think about your goals and set some clear ones. What is it you're working towards? What is your Emerald City?

If you don't know that you're simply wandering around paths and running back to Munchkin land every time you start to question yourself.

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Carol Bruce Collett said...

Good post. My writing goal for the summer is to finish the draft of my WIP. The goal after that is revise with an eye to publication. My personal goal is to deepen my devotional time. Our family goal is to chip away at our mountainous debt.