Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tongue in Cheek

This is something a little different. My degree is in Political Science and so I've watched the last two years of American Politics with great interest. Regardless of your political persuasion we have seen an increase in Political involvement, or at least discussion, recently.

I found two very clever websites that remind me of the kind of satirical works Ben Franklin used during the time America was transitioning from a series of colonies to a single nation.

The first, Barack Obama's Teleprompter's blog. This is just plain funny. Poking at our Commander-in-Chief is a time honored tradition in the US. From Chevy Chase tripping all over the set of Saturday Night Live [his imitation of Ford] to Dana Carvey's imitation of Ross Perot, poking fun at those in the highest office has been celebrated. As a student of politics this is clever, as an author the writing is GREAT. I even find many of the comments incredibly amusing [I left a comment and was #43 or so...last I checked there were over 200].

The second website was the TEA'd Party. Obviously this is a play on words. The Boston Tea Party was a revolt against a tax imposed on tea. The Colonists found it simply unsustainable so they tossed the tea in the harbor. This TEA'd party draws on that tradition with the acronym "Taxed Enough Already". Check them out too. They have really funny buttons.

While I'm not trying to spark political debate I am asking authors to think about the strength of their words and the level of influence they can exert by simply expressing their opinion in a clever way.

Barack Obama's teleprompter was launched from obscurity because of the style of writing. The same can happen to your writing.

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