Friday, March 13, 2009

Business Building on a Shoestring

It seems right now everyone is trying to save money wherever they can. While car dealerships are offering "Buy 1, get 1" offers and grocery stores are offering huge deals, many people are also finding that their income has dropped...substantially.

These concerns were the basis of my Money Management Site, The Balanced Life. I was tired of people earning 6 or 7 figures a year telling me how to budget my money.

But I also recognize that these financial circumstances won't be around forever. There will be a time when the economy will turn around. My ability to capitalize on the upswing will be dependent on what I do right now to position my business.

So, how can you build up your writing business with very little money? In this months "Writing Career Coach Playbook" I will talk about this [subscribe here to receive the next issue free when it's released] but I wanted to give you a few tips now.

1. Know where you want to be
Unless you know what your ultimate goals are as a writer you won't have a sense of direction. Opportunities pass you by all the time. Until you recognize hidden opportunities you'll never be able to grow as a writer as fast as you'd like to.

2. Know why you want to get there
I have to be honest, this isn't as obvious as you would think. Many people want to say "It is my dream to get there". Well, yeah, and many of us have the dream of seeing the world and going on missions trips...but few of us ever do it. Simply saying we want to do something is never enough. We must have a concrete REASON that is undeniable, or we'll quit when it gets too hard.

In the newsletter we'll delve deeper in to each of these. We'll also look at getting the money and building effectively. I wanted you to start this weekend thinking about why you want to write. What is driving you?

Tiffany Colter is a writer, speaker and writing career coach who works with beginner to published writers. She can be reached through her website at
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