Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doing Research

If you write non-fiction or articles you understand how important research is. Every detail must be checked and rechecked for accuracy and relevance.

In fiction research is also important. Here are a few reasons:

1. Because other people know the truth.

Yes, there are people out there who will know when you're fudging it. This is bad because it will jerk that reader out of the story world. Sloppy research, like sloppy writing, can quickly turn off readers. These may not be HUGE details [like the year a war started] but can be more subtle. Saying someone headed the wrong way down a one-way. Maybe in your historical you don't know the correct day of the week that May 5th landed on in 1847. These are important details that add depth to your stories.

2. They create a more convincing story world

People read fiction to visit other lands. When you have details you make your stories more authentic. If you'd like to see an author with rich details that transport you to another time and place visit Linore Rose Burkard. She is a master at wonderful details.

3. They are useful in marketing.

As I've said before, articles are a great way to build your platform and create readership. Don't let all these wonderful details go to waste once you find them.

Research can be an exciting way to get creative juices flowing. Take a little extra time to dig deeper in the time, setting, profession or background of your characters. Then find ways to share this information.

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