Friday, March 20, 2009

The power of endorsement...again

Those of you who read me regularly understand that I'm a huge advocate of word of mouth advertising. There are many reasons for this.

First, it is an extremely effective form of advertising. I hope that all of you that derive some benefit from my blog take the time to either digg it, forward it or link to it. You have more influence than you think and your continued confidence to is what makes it possible for me to continue to bring you great content.

Recently I joined a great Networking group named PVN, the Provision Network. Since I didn't have the $175 annual fee as part of my 4th quarter budget it was a bit of a sacrifice when I joined. I saw the benefit, however, so I did it.

It is amazing how people can FIND a way to do things they didn't think they could do when they see the long term benefit to themselves. A person who has no time to run to the grocery for milk can find an hour to watch their favorite show. An aspiring author who has no time to work on their craft can wastes 30 minutes in a doctors waiting room reading outdated magazines.

And I found the money to join a powerful networking organization.

How does this tie in to endorsements? It's about giving back. By developing relationships with local business people I find a fertile place for ideas to grow my business. What I find most rewarding, however, is the opportunity it gives me to help other people. In April or May, we're still hammering out dates, I will be interviewing Grant Webster of Launch Thought. I developed a business relationship with Grant from the very first meeting when he ended up sitting behind me. Since that time I've had the pleasure of telling many of you about how he helped me with my Balanced Life website. We'll share a bit on the story of how that came about when I interview him. What I learned by talking to Grant each month at the Toledo PVN meeting is some of his great ideas and the role I can play. As a writer, I'm able to provide a service that many businesses need.

Beyond my own needs, however, has been the joy of helping other people reach THEIR goals. That should be the goal of each of us. Remember, it isn't always about where we're trying to get that matters. It is who we bring along with us on the way to the top.

That is really the power of endorsement. My endorsement and support of other professionals [and notice I said professionals. I understand the power of my endorsement and try to do due diligence before giving my endorsement]. So I encourage you to find groups like PVN, local business organizations and networking groups. The key to growing as a professional, and a person, is building each other up.

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Cathy Bryant said...

Hi Tiffany~ Just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful blog! I'm giving you a blog award today at WordVessel (


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Tiffany -

I love reading your posts! They're so helpful. BTW, I put a link in my Friday post to your Balanced Life blog. :)