Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something a little fun

Today I wanted to do something a little fun. Recently a group of freelance editors, the Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network [Christian PEN] did a survey of their members. There were some very interesting things shared by their membership.

I am proud to say I am among their editors [I would also like to note that I am more than a decade younger than the average age of editors. Smile.

If you need content editing, I love to work with my loyal readers. However, if you need proofreaders or copy editing this group [and the Christian Editor Network] are GREAT places to get bids.

From a recent poll among members, we gathered the following information from 25 responders:

1) 400+ books have been edited by our editors

2) 75 books have been written by our editors

3) 249 books edited by our editors have been published

4) 198.5 Years of combined editing experience by our editors; eight years is the average number of

years our editors have been editing.

5) 22 Editors are also writers

6) 316 Years spent writing by our editors; Average 16 years

7) Two members edited four books that have become bestsellers

8) Eight editors have day-jobs, 12 do not

9) Four editors are homeschoolers

10) Five editors are stay-at-home moms

11) Six editors edit full-time; 19 edit part-time

12) 1144 is the total age of all editors who responded; 48 is the average age.

13) Our eldest editor is 84, our youngest is 22.

14) 22 responding editors were female, and 2 responding editors were male

15) 21 responding editors were married and 3 responding editors were single

16) 59 children belong to editors

17) 32 grandchildren belong to editors

18) Our editors live in 15 different states, two different countries

19) One editor met her husband on the internet.

20) One editor will probably be cycling six hundred miles in May for Wycliffe Bible


21) One editor is an English tutor, including SAT & ACT prep and workshops.

22) Our editors spend their spare time indulging in the following hobbies: Wire art, softball, needlework, cooking, baseball – huge White Sox fan, raising animals with my girls [ducks, chickens, cats and dogs], scrapbooking, restoring our historic stone house, gardening, running, music, stained glass, jewelry making, photography, spending time with children and grandchildren, learning to knit and sew, crocheting, part-time ministering, backpacking, scuba, camping, spending time playing with my animals, knitting, bird watching, travel, missions, singing, song writing, hiking, swimming, cycling, playing bass guitar, Greek, making smoothies, fishing, playing the piano.

23) Membership in The Christian PEN is only $35/year. We offer networking, online courses, support and encouragement, and more. We even have a prayer loop.

24) PEN Points is the quarterly newsletter of The Christian PEN.

25) Kathy Ide is founder and coordinator for The Christian PEN.

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