Monday, March 16, 2009

Overwhelmed by possibilities

Do you feel overwhelmed by possibilities.

I have to admit, many days I do. We live in an ever-moving society where it feels the next great idea is old news before we click the send button.

For a person who is trying to keep ahead of the curve it can be exhausting. Simply to keep up with the good ideas I feel there need to be three of me.

What can you do to keep from getting overwhelmed by the system? Know your goals.

We talked about this in the previous blog [and those of you who are subscribed to my free newsletter will see even more of it tomorrow when it releases] but the real focus in knowing your goals.

I have to know each day when I wake up what I'm doing and why. This is true not only as a writer and a business owner, but also as a wife, mother, friend and person.

I think so many people lose their sense of direction and purpose because they're simply overwhelmed. They begin to feel small, insignificant in the scheme of things.

Recently I learned of a suicide in Cincinnati, Ohio where the teen announced on a social networking site that he was going to commit suicide. The police officer made a comment that stuck with me. He said that teens may have 300 "friends" but they are alone behind their computer. They are surrounded by people they know but are close to no one.

We are overwhelmed with possibilities, but we are drifting along without purpose.

It is crucial that we understand our purpose, why we're here, in order to have a life that is balanced and fulfilling.

After all, if we don't have joy in what we're doing and if we're not showing love to those closest to us, what is the point of all this business growth and money?

A little philosophical, but a necessary break. Don't get so overwhelmed by possibilities that you forget the necessities.

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