Thursday, May 1, 2008

Writing for a house!

Well isn't this interesting?

Today I'm going to tell you about an interesting contest being put on by Pix n Pens. It is a writing contest where the prize is a HOME. Yes!! I'm serious. The winner of the "Small Town USA" contest will win a house in Selma, AL.

Here is information. [Small Town USA Contest]

I know the woman personally who is putting on this contest so I know it is legitimate. I'm actually thinking about entering.

I wanted to bring it to your attention because not only do I think it is a really cool contest [I mean seriously. You could win a HOUSE for writing a 500 word essay.] but it also goes back to thinking creatively about your writing business.

What kind of person would benefit from this contest? Who would not? What kind of interesting story lines could come from having something like this happen in one of your novels? How would you market something like this?

The One Month of Focus award winners for April will be announced soon [so get your score sheets in] and now is the time for the May people to sign up. You can win a free course or the entire Writing Career Coach Course Library. [Full details here].

I'd encourage you to look at those rebate checks the IRS is sending out and see if you could take $100 of it to turn your life around. One year ago this month I took $140 to turn my life around. Take some of what you've learned here. Buy a Writing Career Coach materials, sign up for the one month success program. Maybe you need craft? There are great resources on Randy Ingermanson's Fiction 101 or 201 programs [I make no $$ for the plug. Just information for you to use. He has helped my writing immensely.] You might need to create a website? Use what you learned here to do it. [Again, I make no money for the plug. It's who does my website.]

But don't let the moment of opportunity pass you by. Don't look in to the future with fear. Don't look at where you are now and settle!! Take a step forward. Whether you want to enter a contest for a house or a library of learning materials, take some classes to learn a new skill, get some coaching on your writing career, or simply a vacation.

Now is the time to move in the direction of your dreams. Take a step!

I'm pulling for you!! And best of luck.

Your coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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Becoming Me said...

Wow. Lot's to think about. What a cool contest...