Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's the Little Things

Hello and Happy Tuesday.

I was looking over my traffic numbers last week and I learned something funny.

You guys are morning people!!

Wow, how did I get so many people that like to wake up with the birdies?

Do you know how I know this? Well, last week I tried an experiment. Nearly every day last week I posted a blog BEFORE 9:30am [some days right at 9:30am] instead of the usually late morning posting.

Would you believe my traffic TRIPLED??? I was shocked.

I knew that I'd seen a steady increase in traffic the earlier in the day I posted but, being a night owl, I don't alway get to post my blog early in the morning. that requires me getting up early enough to get breakfast, start school with the kids, and get my blog all done-before 9:30am. Tough when you've been up until 2am writing the night before!

But I found out that Blogger now has it where you can write your blogs and SCHEDULE THEM!! How cool is THAT!?!?!

So that's what I did. Last Sunday night I wrote my blogs for Mon-Wed and scheduled them to go up each day before 9:30am. And THREE TIMES as many of you read the blog as usual. In fact, we shot past the 4,000 hit count without me noticing it. Amazing. Since the last week of September there have been almost 4,100 hits to this blog. 3,100 of those in 2008.

So, find out about your demographic, whether blogs or books, and make adjustments wherever possible. For me, I now find it easier to write a few of my blogs Sunday night before the Chaos of my week hits. And then schedule them.

For those of you who were looking for the time to blog, maybe you've just found it?

Remember, it is the little things that can mean the difference in your writing business. Little word choices. Little plot twists. and in marketing, little things like scheduling your blogs to post before 9am.

I have to go! I have reading to do.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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