Thursday, May 22, 2008

A chance to learn

Well, I finally did it. I decided to run a special class.

I have been knocking around the idea for a few weeks now. I taught a class in Feb with the Christian PEN [Professional Editor's Network] on building an editing business. It was SO much fun.

I've also taught classes in the past for ACFW [where I served a year as their online course coordinator].

I will also be teaching for the Christian PEN in July [this time on time management].

So I finally decided to teach an online course through the Writing Career Coach. I'm super excited about it because it's something I haven't taught anywhere else before in a course loop setting. There are two different courses, both will run at the same time. Here are the details

The classes will be an online courses that will run for 4 weeks starting June 1st. Since I know it is end of the year craziness there will only be one lesson a week [with a homework assignment] and the rest of the week will be discussion time. It will be done in a loop format so I will answer questions and everyone will see the answers. I will also comment on each person's assignment so we can all learn together. [If you're shy and would like to have me comment privately, we can arrange that too.]

The two classes are:

Writing Career Coach: Part 1
Writing Career Coach: Part 2 [this hasn't even been released yet. You will be the first ones to see it.]

You can get details of what will be taught by going to the website using this link.

I want everyone who wants to to be able to participate so the total 1 month class is only $10. If you are subscribed to the blog it is only $7. If you'd like to take both courses it is only $15 or only $10 if you subscribe to the blog. [It's free to subscribe. Simply follow this link.]

To register send me an email through the website's contact page. In the email tell me which course you want to register for and which email address to send the paypal invoice to [sorry, I can only do paypal invoices for payment.] To qualify for the "subscriber discount" let me know the email address that you subscribed to the blog under [so I can check it against my subscriber list.]

I will invoice and then send you the link to the online course when the balance is paid. I'm really excited about both of these classes. I think you will learn a good deal from them.

I will also be releasing a "conference prep" special in the next few days. It will include a critique of the first 3 chapters [12,000 words] of your MS, help with a query and one sheet and 1 hour of phone consultation. Basically, everything you should need to get you ready to go to conference with confidence! [If you want to know about it before I release the info then you can use my contact page on my website to email me.]

Whether you take advantage of these opportunities, or those offered by others, take some time this summer to build your writing business. Do SOMETHING!

I have to go, I'm putting the finishing touches on the courses.

Your Coach for the Journey. Tiffany Colter

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