Friday, July 11, 2008

Internships coming soon

This is the first announcement to let you know that I will be soon announcing a 12 week internship through the writing career coach. I will have 7-10 spots on this first round.

Here are some details on the internship:
There shouldn't be more than a 5-7 hour per week committment
Interns will learn ways to conduct marketing research, increase traffic to their blog/website, create relevant content, assess content
This is unpaid but interns who complete the 12 weeks will have a full marketing write-up done for their proposal. It will include all you need to submit to the editor/agent of your choice. This includes editing of first 40 pages and the full proposal [a $600 value]. They will also be taught how to use what they learned in the intership to build their writing business.

There will be more details coming but please feel free to link to this announcement on your blog or website, forward it to writers loops or notify writers groups.

Applications will be accepted through Aug. 5th and full details will be coming soon. If you have questions in the meantime contact me through my contact page at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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