Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The changing reality

Things change.

We hear that often enough but what do you think of when you hear it?

Do you become afraid and wonder what is changing and how it will impact you? Or do you get excited about the potential for the future?

I don't usually like change. Whenever someone suggests something new to me I greet it with apprehension.

But today I was working on some articles and I realized how much has changed in the last 5-6 years in the writing world.

* There are more places to get published-but less of them pay.
* It is cheaper to submit articles now that e-queries are becoming the norm, but now some places are so flooded with articles they aren't open to submissions.
* There are a good number of E-zines, online magazines and other world wide web based exposure.
* There are lots more books being published.

So there is good and bad in this.

Some people will view this changing reality with fear. What will happen to them now that publications want to pay 1-2 cents per word on 500 word articles? How can a person live on that?

Some people will be excited. Tye'll see the increased opportunities to get published online as a way to build experience as a writer working under deadlines.

Some people will see it as reality and try to find ways to maximize this opportunity. Kind of like the "Who moved my Cheese" idea.

Now relate this to your book. If you sign a book deal now it could be 2 years or more before that book makes it to the shelf. How will you need to adjust your marketing platform to accommodate that? Can you use the idea you got 3 years ago on a book that will be published 3 years from now?

Considering the changing market is important as part of your overall marketing plan. But, if you're following trends and seeing every change as an opportunity it is likely you will flow in to the new way of doing things when the time comes.

It is reality, are you going to change too?

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