Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to get something done

You know I once heard someone say in passing "Well, if you want something done, give it to a busy person."

It seems completely illogical but I've come to realize it is pure genius. As I was preparing last week to teach a time management course through the Christian Professional Editor's Network I started to think about business plans for writers. Why do people never get anything done?

Think about it. The life of a writer involves day dreaming, telling people about your stories, writing your stories down on the closest scrap of paper [or your lap top] and then doing it all over again. Why is it that so many writers I talk to never seem to get anything accomplished.

I truly think it is not busy enough. It is because we think the writer's life IS nothing but writing stories. We don't consider that once we have a book done that we will have to market that book to readers, possibly sign that book for readers as well, then we'll have to work on the next book while calling around to market the one just released.

That is when we will be BUSY. And if you think that first cash advance means quitting your day job....no WAY.

So is this a blog telling you to give up your dreams? Absolutely not!! It is telling you that you need to be focused on effective marketing behaviors. I know that means some of you will stop reading my blog to focus on writing. I hope you will come back soon, but I also know that is not always bad.

It also means that doing planning NOW before you have that book out, a second book to work on and you still have your full time job.

Remember, the only way to get something done is to give it to a busy person. And right now, you look pretty busy!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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Sharon A. Lavy said...

More words of wisdom. Thank you dear.