Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What is a Writing Career Coach?

What is a Writing Career Coach?

Since this question has come up so often I'd like to answer it today on this blog. I can only speak for myself and what I do as a writing career coach. For me, it is helping writers look at their writing as part of a business.

There are a number of different ways I do that. We look at marketing, development, some branding, and creating a business plan. What it all comes down to though is a Writing Career Coach is someone who will help you build upon your strengths and improve areas where you're weak. Through strategic career planning you can grow your writing business in ways you'd never thought of before.

Great question. Email me your questions at Tiffany@WritingCareerCoach.com

And if you'd like to know more about my mentorship program or suggested readings visit my website at www.WritingCareerCoach.com

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