Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What is a Business Plan?

As a writing career coach one of the first things I try to teach is the importance of a business plan and how to make one.

A business plan is a plan for your business. It includes things like mission statements, short term/long term goals, financing, budget, projections, and business team. In the business world you must have a business plan to apply for SBA loans or other types of financing.

Unfortunately most people don't take the time to craft a solid business plan that outlines what their business is and where it is going. As a result their marketing efforts are not focused. To help illustrate I'll give you a snap shot of my business plan [I go in to much more detail in my Writing Career Coach Course which you can purchase at www.WritingCareerCoach.com].

As a writer I will need a platform. No one really knows or cares who Tiffany Colter is, except my family and that is even questionable some days :-)

So how is someone going to find out about my books? What is going to make me attractive to publishing houses? How will I sell myself?

Part of it is what you're reading now. I have another gift beyond writing Inspirational Thrillers. I love to coach people, help them, grow as writers. So I take the time to find people to come on my blog and teach people who'd like to write. I network with other writers. I study and learn and then share what I've learned. Randy Ingermanson calls it "Meaningful Content". So I share with people how they can reach their dream of being a published author.

This helps me gain credibility and a readership. I truly care about you and your writing career. So it is not drudgery. BUT it is also part of my marketing plan because all of you [even those of you who don't leave comments] are influenced by what I say. So when one of my books release and I tell you, you are more likely to tell others.

This is my platform.

Now spinning off of that is my public speaking, article writing, and other activities. I have a clear focused goal that I work towards. Every activity I do must have some purpose in the overall plan of my writing business or I must seriously rethink that activity.

So, what is your goal? What is your plan to accomplish your goal? What measured steps are you taking to reach that goal? I'd love to hear from you! Post a comment or email me directly.

And post or email your questions for an upcoming Tuesday question day.

Tomorrow we will have Caitie reviewing a new book, this one about horses!

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