Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Caitie's Corner

Meet Addy
An American Girl book

Back in the Civil War there was a mom, dad and their children: Sam, addy and Ester. She was the baby and was only one. They lived in North Carolina. They’ve been slaves their whole lives. One night Addy woke up, she heard her mom talking about running away. The mom thought Addy was sleeping but she was playing possum when her dad checked on her.

The next day Sam and Dad got sold. Addy was whipped because she was holding on to daddy so tight. She almost got whipped again but mom caught her in her arms. That made me sad that they did that.

They ran away but left Ester behind with Aunt Lula and Uncle Solomon.

Will Addy and her mom ever make it? Will they ever be a family again? Find out when you read more American girl books. Bye for now. Caitie.

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