Monday, October 29, 2007

Making a living as a writer and a CONTEST

So you like to write?

Most people who think of making money as a writer think of best selling novelists making six, or even seven, figures on best-selling books.

In reality there are many ways to make money as a writer. In fact, for many people writing a full-length book pays far less per hour than most other forms of writing. This is double true when you factor in the portion of the cash advance an author spends to buy marketing materials, travel to promotional appearances, etc.

So today we are going to look at other ways to earn money as a writer. The best part of this is that you can do these things to earn steady income as you work your way up to published novelist. [And if you are a published novelist, you can do this to supplement your income.]

I couldn't possibly list every way to earn money writing but I'd like to point you to two books that do just that. The Well-Fed Writer and Back for Seconds. I have both of these books on my shelf and they are highlighted, dog-eared, and worn.

Not only do they give great ideas of ways to earn a steady income writing, but many of the lessons can be applied to your novel marketing!!

Writing is about marketing, pitching, submitting, getting rejected, improving, and doing it some more. This book helps you do this. The best part is doing this in one area will help you in others.

So I urge you to buy these books. I've put the links to the right of the blog.

Go do it!

Here is the contest. Buy the books and email me to tell me you bought them. Then use some of the principles and email me results. The most "Successful" candidate will receive a gift pack from me including: One hour phone consultation with me, help with creating a platform, and a book to help you build your writing business even more.

You have until November 10th to register [you register by emailing me at and telling me you bought one or both of the books]

Then you have until January 31st to get results to me [you'll get instructions when you register]

So are you serious about building your writing. It all starts with the decision you make now, today. You can choose to move forward...or stagnate.

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