Friday, May 29, 2009

A day without excuses

As a writer sometimes writing simply comes down to nothing more elaborate than BIC [Butt in Chair]. At this time of the year excuses can become extremely easy. Graduation parties, sunny days and Kids become distractions that break even the most solid of habits.

Sometimes we need to overcome our realities with consistent effort.

Sometimes we simply need a "push".

So here is your push. This is an excuse free zone! It's accountability time. In the comments put down the ONE or TWO writing related goals you want to accomplish this weekend. Then Monday come back and let us know that you did them.

I know it's scary. And don't feel you need to be specific. It is fine to say "Add 5,000 to WIP" or "Contact woman about that speaking opportunity". The point is to let the world know what you're going to accomplish and get it done. Remember, post today and them post again Monday. Let everyone know what you'll do, do it and then let us know again.

For me, I am going to do the editing for my clients this weekend that I have written down.
Finish outlining the plot and characters for my WIP
Meeting on that speaking oppty coming in June
Finish PP for June's Webinars

Okay, your turn. Let the hundreds of daily Writing Career Coach readers know that you are serious about your writing goals.

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David A. Todd said...

I generally make a to-do list with four items, trying to focus on the four most important things I have to do. So, for this weekend, here they are.

- Evaluate the Chicago Tribune Publishers Row Lit Fair. I'm going to be in Chicago to attend it (at the invitation of our son), but I need to study the on-line information about it to determine if it has any opportunities for a wannabe writer to sell anything, or work on relationships. If need be begin to prepare materials for to take to the fair.
- continue evaluating four possible markets for freelancing.
- work on a Bible study that I set aside a couple of months ago; outline five lessons; write two or three.
- write 500 to 1000 words in my second novel, just to remember what book writing is like.

Jennifer Roland said...

1. Write recaps of two Supernatural episodes. This project has been hanging over my head--even though I love Supernatural, and I love watching past episodes, I just haven't given the time to get the two recaps I agreed to done.

2. Complete the URL lists for the two nf books I'm working on and send them to my co-authors for their review.

3. Take 30 minutes just for me. I might sit in the hot tub or read a magazine or even give myself a manicure. It doesn't matter what it is--I need to relieve a little stress.

4. Play video games with hubby. He's feeling left out because I spend tons of time on the computer, but none of it involves hanging out with him.

Linore said...

I'm going to write the last ten scenes of my book and get to "THE END." Then, I need to put it aside for a few days, and then edit it. This is going past the weekend, I know. I wanted it to be done by June 1st, so at least the first draft will be done. I only need two drafts to have it all ready for my editor. (By God's grace. yay.)
Good idea, Tiff!