Friday, May 15, 2009

The Collapse of Distinction Innovation on many levels

If you have following the publishing industry for any length of time you know that we are in a time of transition from the way it's always been done to the way it could be done.

The Collapse of Distinction by Scott McKain is valuable not only for the strong content and practical applications, but also because of the revolutionary manner of distribution used by its publisher, Thomas Nelson. The Nelson Free program was recently announced. Under this program when you purchase the book you also get access to a free ebook copy and free audio copy of that same book. This allowed me to read 2/3 of this book in a single afternoon. I couldn't be more impressed with this new system used by Thomas Nelson. This three-fold access to the same product makes this book so valuable that it has become a resource. I play the recording over and over. I pause the recording to open the book or ebook and read along or apply what is taught. I hope to see them do this with even more books-including Fiction titles.

In terms of the quality of the book, McKain has written a top notch book with absolutely no fluff. Each chapter is full with application principles BUT McKain gives additional action steps at the end of each chapter to really focus the effort. For people who want to innovate--and in today's publishing climate EVERY author should want to innovate--this book is an absolute must-read.

You can find out more about it at this Amazon link.

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