Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And then you find success

With the down economy so prominent in the news it can be easy to assume that everything in the world is wrong. There is no sense of upward mobility. No expectations of progress.

However, there are things continuing to happen to those who work hard at their craft. I'm very pleased to announce that one of my clients, Jody Hedlund, was not only a double finalist in the ACFW Genesis competition [winners will be announced at the conference in September] but also was offered representation!

There are hundreds of you reading this every week and I wanted to pause for a minute to "toot our own horns". I want you to share in the comments section a victory you've recently had in your writing. Whether you pushed past the fear of rejection and sent off a manuscript or you have something being published, let us know.

I'll start: I was named the National Writing Examiner at and I've already received a large number of hits, and some subscribers, after only a week. Also, I spoke to the NWOCW group this past Friday [May 22] and they had a great turnout-especially considering it was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. [A special welcome to NWOCW readers!!]

I hope that 50 or 60 [or more] of you will come over and let us see all the success that is actually going on out there. If the article is online, link to it. We want to celebrate together.


David A. Todd said...

Toot my own horn? That goes against everything Mom and Dad taught. But, backing off of books and deciding to go the freelance route as a modest platform-building and proof-of-writing-quality activity, the first query I submitted for a print magazine resulted in an assignment, with a request to get it in by June 1 because they had a hole in their next issue. I turned the article in last week, almost two weeks early. Now waiting to hear if they will use it or not. I hope they use it. I need the $220.00 for the four pages.

I guess I'm no longer a novelist; I'm a freelancer.


Jody Hedlund said...

Thanks Tiffany! I just have to say, I couldn't have done as well as I have without your help. I feel very strongly about that. You are an excellent coach and give great feedback. You deserve your awards!

Emma Sanders said...

Great blog! Though I had a rejection this week, I also won a scholarship to a National conference, which is a very big deal. So I'll be packing my bags very soon to go for the first time, ever. I say this is a huge step in my career!

Linore said...

I like that you're adding pics to your posts, Tiff! Big improvement.
Keep it up!