Monday, January 5, 2009

You know what to do, but how???

Happy Monday!!

I truly mean that every time I say that. I love being a writer and I love coaching other writers and helping them to be all they can be.

So many people make New Year's Resolutions [although I haven't heard as much of that this year...guess it's because I quit listening to the News all the time.]

I don't make Resolutions because it is no more effective than making a declaration.

I make decisions and I follow them with action.

If that is you, then you're in the right place. Last week I called you all to make January a foundational month. Not only am I encouraging you to do that, but I'm going to help you with that.

We're going to lay the foundation for a successful new year in your writing business. Over this next month I will not only suggest steps to take but I'm going to allow a few of the people I coach to tell you some of what THEY'RE doing to grow their business. Some of them have ideas identical to me, others have taken what I've taught and forged their own path.

Either way, 2009 can be an opportunity for you to meet those goals.

Our economy is in a time of flux. Our government is in a state of transition.

Uncertainty can be scary.

But, history has shown us that the people who adjusted TO change are the ones who sky rocketed in growth.

Make this your month to grow!

Many of you have emailed me to ask about my coaching program. It runs 3 months starting from the day you register [so if you register January 15th it will run until April 15th] so you always get 3 full months.

Yes, if you own one or more of the products you do get a discount on that first month.

And I have a few more spots for January [only 8] so if you'd like to sign up for coaching this month, do it quickly.

One final thing, if you have high school students [homeschool, public school or private school] and they're dreading that term paper I'm teaching a semester long class on mastering the term paper. It is $30 for the SEMESTER [yes, it is a crazy cheap deal. I love teenagers and want to see them succeed]. I only have a few spots left so email me directly if you'd like your student to have the private tutoring. Or if they want to purchase the product without tutoring. I no longer do the e-loop so all tutoring is private tutoring.

See you tomorrow and we'll delve in to the year your business exceeded your expectations!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sloooowly researching a historical novel set in Italy. I wish I spoke Italian. Luckily, my mother-in-law is a professional translator, term paper and she has agreed to take notes on some of the more remote primary sources I'm interested in (mostly letters).

Mabel King said...

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