Friday, January 16, 2009

Reaching your goals, multiple websites

Why would you need to have multiple websites?

This is a reasonable question. There are so many websites out there, how are you going to attract people to your particular website? And wouldn't that split your traffic to send them to a bunch of different websites?

Well, yes and no. By having a website targeted to each of your markets you can reach each of them and then point all of them to a central website.

That is why it is so important to secure domains you might need to do this-and secure them BEFORE you need them.

How will I keep the content relevant?

This will require some consistent effort on your part but you can consider simple things link integrating twitter in to your website and posting as you find articles of interest to your target market.

You can interview people whose opinion would interest your readers.

You can also write articles based on your experience and research.

Content should be the easiest part....we are, after all, writers.

How can I build traffic?

Build your readership by offering something they want to see. Write your blog and point people to articles and content on your website. Then on your website point to your newsletter. Your newsletter can provide short articles monthly and point to archived posts on your blog. You don't want to make everything a duplicate [in case you have people who check out all three]. Make sure each place has something the other two things don't provide, but it is okay to use content from each in the other.

I am personally using mailchimp and I love it. Here is a link to check them out.


I am not a computer person, so at first some of the work with the templates confused me. However, once I looked at the quick tutorials [most lasting no more than a minute or two] it gave me AWESOME looking newsletters. [so be sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter]

What I really like is that I can either go monthly [starting at $15/month] or I can pay $15 to get 500 mails. This is great while I'm building my lists. It also allows me to work in this system for clients without relying on them for sign ups etc.

They have a free trial offer with 500 free emails so go to the link and play around with it. See what you think. If you get a newsletter, email me through my website with a description of the newsletter and we'll tell others.

Of course there are other programs but I have told you that I only tell you about what I've directly seen results from. This doesn't mean there aren't other great programs out there; this is what I'm using and I'm thrilled with their product.

Reread Tuesday's post and today's post and start to think bigger about your marketing efforts. And if you'd like help my monthly coaching program is $30/month. We can delve in to specifics for your particular writing goals and put something together

But keep moving forward. We're going to get you to your dreams.

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