Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Feature for all of you


I told you that we have a number of exciting new features coming from the Writing Career Coach this year. The first is something I hope will be a real time saver for all of you.

As I do more public speaking and webinars I am asked my opinions on resources that will help individuals grow their business. I have a suggested reading list full of foundational books that I urge every person to read [if you haven't seen that list go here].

There are a large number of books, however, that are being released right now that could be great as well. Everyone is looking for ways to save money right now so you want to know if any of these books are worth your time OR money.

I'm going to begin to read and review books and post these reviews monthly [or so]. For the most part I will stick to non-fiction. Here are some answers to some FAQ:

1. Is this blog going to turn in to just another book review site?

No. I know there are a large number of sites that do reviews on countless books. The focus of this blog will be writing, business and research. You saw an example of this when I reviewed the Kingdom of the Occult. Thanks to that review a number of people who are writing books from CBA can find out about a topic they may not feel comfortable researching in other places. Furthermore, people writing for the ABA can see how a christian would describe these groups. This helps with character development so we don't have a preacher screaming hell and damnation on people in someone's novel. The focus will continue to be helping you with plot, marketing, platform development and building your writing business.

2. But don't reviewers always say something nice?

People who know me know that I love to be encouraging. That having been said, it undermines my credibility if everything I review is "the best book I ever read". I will write a review summary where I will outline Likes/Dislikes/Benefits so that you can quickly scan the book to see if it is something you'd like to read. This will not be a 600 word plot summary. It will highlight specific features.

So, no, this won't be a fan letter-it will be an assessment of what I feel this book can do to help you with your business.

3. I heard about a book that is really good. Will you review it for me?

If you hear about a book that you'd like to have reviewed you may email me through the contact page on my website. I cannot promise to review all the books suggested, but I will read each email and see what I can do.

4. I am an author, will you review my book?

This answer is similar to the answer to question 3 with one exception. If I agree to review your book I request you or your publisher send me an influencer copy. I will do the same Like/Dislike/Benefits on your book. If you are a fiction author it is highly unlikely that I will review the book-sorry. [You can still ask though.]

I will have a book posting in just a few weeks that I really hope you'll enjoy. I also hope this will be one more time/money saver that will allow you to maximize your time and build your successful writing business.

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Robin Johns Grant said...

Sounds like a great new feature. I look forward to your reviews. And by the way, thanks for the comments on my blog the last couple of weeks, especially about finding all the cat's paper toys when you moved. It reminded me of the time my roommate and I were moving, and her mother came to help. We found little stray pellets of dry cat and dog food everywhere. My roommate's mother asked if we were feeding the animals like scattering feed for chickens. We didn't know how that stuff got everywhere!