Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reaching your goals, establish a web presence

Last Thursday I taught a webinar on Writing for Small Business Owners. One thing I emphasized is the importance of establishing and maintaining a web presence. That is important for writers. Since we work with words this should be easier for us to create something that will keep people coming back...but how do we do that?

Creating blogs are always the first step. They are free and easy to update. Make sure you have a clear focus and provide consistent content that will interest people and keep them coming back.

The next thing you need to do is secure a domain. I personally use doteasy.com because I've found them very affordable and very easy to work with. They run specials from time to time but to simply buy a domain is about $25 for a year. Click this link below and check them out.


"But I don't want to start a website yet!!"

I didn't say start a website, I said purchase a domain.

I'm sure as you grow as an author you'll encounter many people who find their domain gone when the time comes to build their website. Purchase the domain so you have it in a year or two when you need it.

If you have domains that relate to the topic of your kind of writing, secure that too. "RegencywithRayann" or "SuspensewithSam"

You get the idea. I own about 4-5 domains that are not currently developed because I know that I will need them soon-and I don't want to miss out.

So, we will talk about actual websites on Friday, but for now go to that link and find out the availability of domains [it's free to check availability], secure a domain [or topic, like I'm writingcareercoach.com ], and start to think of ways to plan for success.

Don't wait until you think you'll need it, start planning ahead.

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