Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why are people unsubscribing to my blog?

I have a few really close writer friends and one of them was talking about people who unsubscribe to her blog. She was wondering what it was about her blog that was causing people to unsubscribe. Over the next two days I'll share with you exactly what I told her. I hope this honest insight in to what I've learned will help you.

Today we'll focus on people unsubscribing, tomorrow about how I do my blog.

Dear [friend]

I remember a few months back I posted a tough love blog that was directed as much at me as it was to everyone who reads my blog. I basically said "suck it up, quit making excuses and, if you want to be a writer, WRITE!"

I almost never receive comments on my blog, but on this blog I did. One of them was a woman who said she was about to unsubscribe but after reading that blog, decided not to. She said she was super busy and didn't have time to read so many blogs and mine was about to go.

That was really a wake-up call to me. There are MANY blogs out there that offer book reviews ad nauseum, author interviews and the exact same content as every other site. [I'm not saying this about your blog specifically. I'm sharing what I've learned from research.] If they can find 90% of your content some place else...they will.

Think about the blogs you liked and what made them different. Other than the person's name [fame]. They had content you couldn't find any other place.

Even my friend Nora St.Laurent has a blog with author interviews and book reviews but she really shakes it up and I was so impressed I blogged about it. Her blog is:http://www.psalm516.blogspot.com/ Scroll through the author interviews and see how she makes this different than other blogs. [but don't rip off her idea. ]


That is the first part of the letter, I'll share the rest tomorrow. Think about what I said here and then look at your blog. Does your sole traffic come from people wanting to win a contest? Are they actually reading what you say?

Tomorrow I’ll talk about how I increased the traffic of my blog. I hope to see you then.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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