Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is your Marketing Stale?

Last time we talked about how stale our writing can be but today I want to talk about our marketing.

Has your marketing grown stale?

If you're a published author are you stuck with book signings and book marks to sell your books?

If you're trying to get published are you stuck with blogs that are only read by 8 of your closest friends each week?

Well, what have you done recently to try to learn new ideas? Have you read a marketing article? Have you observed a solicitation letter you received in the mail to look at the structure and wording? Have you looked at what it is about the letter that makes it unappealing? If it WAS persuasive have you considered why? Have you looked at ways people are seeking to get your attention-or your purchase?

I have read dozens of books on business, business development and marketing as well as countless blogs BUT all of them are old by the time the book makes it to the shelf of my local bookstore. So what am I doing to keep ahead of the tide? I'm studying what people are doing all around me.

Now, this will be harder if you simply talk to half a dozen author and find out from them what they're doing...because they're likely all doing the same things. Finding out about a best selling author isn't always the best way either since they already have established their market. The momentum is there and they are building from that.

No, it is better to look at author websites and see what they're doing to promote their books. What are agents talking about on various blogs? Rachel Gardner and Chip MacGregor both have great blogs as does Michael Hyatt. Check out their blogs as well as their website. Do they have their client [author] sites posted on their own website? If so, look at the websites and see what some of them are doing to promote their writing.

This is plenty of work for you over these next few days. If you see any really great ideas feel free to share them in the comments.

And thank you so much for the great comments over these last two weeks. If any of you have missed them, look back over them. There are a few good ideas!

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